Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Node.js v0.8

Node.js has been released v0.8,  It seems released with significant improvements on performance,API code clean up,etc.

For more information about release updates, Have a look




Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hibernate ORM 4.1.4

Hibernate team released it's latest version 4.1.4.

Changes Log

Artifacts available in JBoss Repo & Maven


Rails 3 tips - Create project with different database(MySQL,PostGresSQL,JDBC,SQL SERVER, etc)

Here are commands to create Rails 3 application with different database

rails new app --database=mysql

rails new app --database=oracle

rails new app --database=postgresql

rails new app --database=sqlite3

rails new app --database=frontbase

rails new app --database=ibm_db

rails new app --database=sqlserver

rails new app --database=jdbc

rails new app --database=jdbcmysql

rails new app --database=jdbcpostgresql

rails new app --database=jdbcsqlite3

Cake PHP 2.3.1 with SQL Server 2005 or higher

Here are steps to connect CakePHP with SQL Server

1. Download latest stable stable version cakePHP from here

2. Copy the framework to web server document root folder(htdocs)

3. Download Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server from here

In this link you can see two versions(2.0,3.0) of Microsoft drivers for PHP.  Suppose you use windows XP with PHP 5.3.0 or lesser version then choose 2.0 driver otherwise choose 3.0 driver.

Download the driver and install it. It generates driver dll files. There are two way to connect SQL server with PHP. A procedural interface (SQLSRV) and an object oriented interface (PDO). Both the SQLSRV and PDO APIs provide a comprehensive data access solution from PHP, and include support for many features including Windows Authentication, transactions, parameter binding, streaming, metadata access, connection pooling.

Microsoft Drivers for PHP 2.0 need Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client
Microsoft Drivers for PHP 3.0 need Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client
More information & downloads available

4. To enable PDO SQL Server extension, copy php_pdo_sqlsrv_53_nts_vc9.dll into "ext" folder of PHP where other PHP extensions are available

5. Enable PDO SQL Server extension on php.ini


6. Restart the web server

7. Make sure pdo_sqlsrv extension enabled by phpinfo

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

8. Edit CakePHP database config file for SQL Server database connection

Go to app/Config/database.php, edit database settings

 public $default = array(
                'datasource' => 'Sqlserver',
                'persistent' => false,
                'host' => 'sqlserver',
                'login' => 'sa',
                'password' => 'password',
                'database' => 'demo',
                'prefix' => ''     

Now i hope you can able to connect database & create models for SQL Server tables.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Zipkin - distributed tracing system

Zipkin is a distributed tracing system that helps us gather timing data for all the disparate services at Twitter.

Twitter open sourcing Zipkin under the APLv2 license to share with the open source community.

For more information, source code and contribution


DjangoCon Europe 2012

Here is video link of DjangoCon Europe 2012 - Especially for python programmers


GCC 4.7!

GCC team announced release of version 4.7

Release notes


Monday, June 11, 2012

Emacs 24.1 released

GNU Emacs annonced it's new release 24.1. It is available on the GNU ftp site

Here are some features in Emacs 24.1 release.

- Support lexical scoping in Emacs Lisp.

- New packaging system and interface (M-x list-packages) for
  downloading and installing extensions.  A default package archive is
  hosted by GNU and maintained by the Emacs developers.

- Support for displaying and editing bidirectional text, including
  right-to-left scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew.

- Improvements to the Custom Themes system (M-x customize-themes).

- Unified and improved completion system in many modes and packages.

- Support for GnuTLS (for built-in TLS/SSL encryption), GTK+ 3,
  ImageMagick, SELinux, and Libxml2.

See for a list of mirrors.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smoke - asynchronous HTTP

Smoke is a Simple, asynchronous HTTP. It's a thin DSL for building simple, fast, scalable, asynchronous HTTP services with Scala.

Guide, Example and Source code:

Apple's iOS 6 - Updates and Features

Here are list of updates/features of Apple iOS 6

1. Apple's map service - New Map
2. Facebook Integration
3. Improved iMessages
4. More Synchronization
5. Quick Access to Settings
6. Better Notifications

More details, Have a look