Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.0 beta 5 - Scala 2.9.0-1 and 2.8.2-SNAPSHOT available now!

Find the downloadable archives of builds on the Scala IDE download site.


Scala releasing a minor update to the Scala 2.9.0 code. It addresses a couple of issues found in 2.9.0, and is currently available from our Download Page.

The release includes the following fixes with respect to 2.9.0:

Change Summary
24881 Closes #4537 regression: Compiler crash for private object that shadows outer definition
24956 Fix for view+groupBy regression, closes #4558
24962 Fix for Iterator flattening performance degradation
24966 Removed bridge method that caused load problems in tomcat due to verification error
24967 Removed two more @bridge methods related to 24966.
24968 Fixes #4560 regression: Runtime exception on structural reflection
24991 Fixes #4608: flatten on a ParSeq
24992 Specialized keySets are supposed to be views, #4616
24993 Literal(0) vs Literal(0.0f), Closes #4617 regression with local lazy vals of type Float or Double.

It is also available in a simple, pre-integrated stack with Akka 1.1.2 from Typesafe. The Typesafe Installer v1.0.1 will be shortly available from the Stack Download page.

Here's more info on the Scala 2.9.0 distribution.

Google paper comparing performance of C++, Java, Scala, and Go

In scala day 2011, talk by Googler Robert Hundt was a performance benchmark comparing C++/Scala/Java/Go.

C++ offers the fastest runtime of the four languages. But, the paper says, it also requires more extensive "tuning efforts, many of which were done at a level of sophistication that would not be available to the average programmer."

Go is designed to remove at least some of this limitation, but it's still young (it debuted about a year and a half years ago as an "experimental" language), and on most of Google's performance tests, it trailed C++ as well as Java and Scala. "Go offers interesting language features, which also allow for a concise and standardized notation," reads the paper, penned by Googler Robert Hundt. "[But] the compilers for this language are still immature, which reflects in both performance and binary sizes

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Top Open Source downloads

The report of Top Open Source downloads.
It's quite interesting. Top 5 spots occupied by Apache.

The Apache Software Foundation - Rocking!!!

The success and reputation of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) as one of the most influential Open Source organizations is undisputed. Launched 12 years ago with the Apache HTTP Server, the all-volunteer ASF currently develops and shepherds nearly 170 projects, including Top-Level Projects (TLPs) and new initiatives in the Apache Incubator and Labs.

As per apache state it products power more than 203 million Websites (half the Internet!) and countless mission-critical applications worldwide. More than a dozen Apache projects form the foundation of today's Cloud computing. code to The Apache Software Foundation

Jun 01, 2011, Oracle has announced that it will be transitioning OpenOffice, the document management software that it inherited from Sun Microsystems, to the Apache Foundation. This also marks a relicensing of the existing OpenOffice codebase from the LGPL to the Apache License.

Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.0 beta 5

Beta5 release of the Scala IDE for Eclipse is ready for download! This release comes in two flavors: a 2.9.0-1 version, and a 2.8.2-SNAPSHOT version.That’s right, for the first time in the 2.0.0 branch, we have a build of the Scala plugin that’s compatible with 2.8.1!

The 2.8 compiler shipped with this version of the plugin is based on the development branch of 2.8.2, and is fully binary compatible with 2.8.1. It contains the same improvements to the presentation compiler as the 2.9 version, and a number of bug fixes related to Java signatures.

You will find update sites and downloadable archives for both of these builds on the Scala IDE download site.

As with all previous releases, both plugins require Eclipse 3.6 (Helios).