Sunday, June 19, 2011


Scala releasing a minor update to the Scala 2.9.0 code. It addresses a couple of issues found in 2.9.0, and is currently available from our Download Page.

The release includes the following fixes with respect to 2.9.0:

Change Summary
24881 Closes #4537 regression: Compiler crash for private object that shadows outer definition
24956 Fix for view+groupBy regression, closes #4558
24962 Fix for Iterator flattening performance degradation
24966 Removed bridge method that caused load problems in tomcat due to verification error
24967 Removed two more @bridge methods related to 24966.
24968 Fixes #4560 regression: Runtime exception on structural reflection
24991 Fixes #4608: flatten on a ParSeq
24992 Specialized keySets are supposed to be views, #4616
24993 Literal(0) vs Literal(0.0f), Closes #4617 regression with local lazy vals of type Float or Double.

It is also available in a simple, pre-integrated stack with Akka 1.1.2 from Typesafe. The Typesafe Installer v1.0.1 will be shortly available from the Stack Download page.

Here's more info on the Scala 2.9.0 distribution.

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