Friday, January 28, 2011

How to take MySQL Database dump

Everyday web application can generate a huge amount of blogs,articles,comments and lots of other different types of data.
All that data is stored in the database. To protect your business/information you should be doing daily/weekly backups.

MySQL dump is a backup solution.It create simple sql file with tables schema and entries(insert queries) of database. Using a MySQL dump you can
easily migrate your website.

Ways to take mysqldump

shell> mysqldump [options] db_name [tbl_name ...]
shell> mysqldump [options] --database db_name ...
shell> mysqldump [options] --all-databases

With --tab and --opt option

mysqldump --tab=/path/to/dump/dir --opt database_name


Shell> mysqldump -u mysql_user -p database_name > database_name.sql
Shell> mysqldump -u mysql_user -p database_name table_name > table_name.sql

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