Saturday, April 23, 2011

GitHub - 2m Repositories

GitHub has been announced they had passed two million git repositories hosted, In that 1.1 million code repositories and 0.9 million gist repositories.

Gists are GitHub's way of pasting small segments of code at, similar to Pastebin and others that allow you to take code and paste it to the web. Each gist is its own git repository, complete with version control – and as such, gists can be pulled, updated, commented upon and patches provided.

The number of code repositories includes clones (aka 'forks') of the original, so the number of unique git repositories will be somewhat smaller. However, the statistics of the repositories are interesting; over 70% have been created with the last year – with over 4500 new GitHub projects per day.

As for the breakdown of languages; 225k are Ruby-based; 138k are Javascript based 77k are Python based and 560k are classified as 'other language' projects. There is a breakdown by language on the languages stats page, but this counts the number of lines of code rather than number of projects.

Recently, tighter GitHub integration into Eclipse was released as part of Eclipse's mirroring on GitHub and Eclipse Mylyn and GitHub integration. It's now possible to hook up Mylyn to read issues from GitHub Issues 2.0, and of course sync repositories via EGit. It's even possible to create GitHub Gists via Eclipse as a way of sharing code.

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