Tuesday, April 12, 2011


April 6th "official" announcement of Scalathon, even though people have been
 eagerly tweeting about it for days now.
Scalathon is an opportunity for the Scala community to come together and improve the Scala ecosystem over two jam packed days.

Scalathon will be held July 16-17, 2011 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Scalathon is about code

Scalathon is collaborative

Scalathon is social

Scalathon may be for you if

  • You’re looking to get involved in an exciting project.
  • You’d like to improve your Scala by working with the best developers from around the world.
  • You’re looking for new collaborators on your existing project.
  • You think Scala could be better documented.
  • You want to promote your awesome library.

Event outline


Saturday we’ll be hacking all day, 10am-10pm. Throughout the day there will be short talks in the auditorium by representatives of various Scala projects. These talks are all about welcoming newcomers to the project. Many of these talks will:
  • highlight bite-sized bugs appropriate for new contributors
  • give a crash course on the project’s source code
  • describe the project’s build-modify-distribute chain
We are hoping to provide breakfast and lunch, funding permitting.
At 10:30pm anyone with the energy can head over to a local pub for a happy hour.


Sunday we’ll be hacking 10am-5pm. Throughout the day there will be enrichment talks in the auditorium. These won’t be the kind of academic talks you would see at Scala Days. Instead, they will focus on Scalathon’s goal of helping Scala developers contribute to the language and its libraries. Many Sunday talks will be tutorials on:
  • advanced functional programming patterns
  • Scala internals
  • software best practices
  • open source dynamics and community building
  • essential software skills
For more information have a look here

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