Monday, January 16, 2012

Funf - sensing and data processing framework for mobile devices

It's a open source for collecting and analyzing mobile data, developed at the MIT Media Lab.

The core concept is to provide an open source, reusable set of functionalities, enabling the collection, uploading, and configuration of a wide range of data types

It includes following key features

   * Remote configuration.
   * Many built-in data "probes" (see below).
   * Automatic or manual data upload.
   * Delay tolerant implementation - When internet connection is not available, caches data locally until server connection is restored.
   * One-way hashing and encryption for sensitive data: Does not save any textual data or phone numbers in human-readable format.
   * Encryption of locally stored database files.
   * 3rd-party data input API allowing any app to leverage the Funf framework for collecting and storing arbitrary app data.
   * Modular probe architecture allows for adding core data probes and modifying existing probe behavior.
   * Basic survey system for manual data collection.
   * Various optimizations for prolongig battery life and dealing with everyday use-cases (e.g. when SD card is not available because user is copying music files to it)
   * Field proven - Deployed for over 15 months with over 100 users in an MIT living laboratory experiment.

Source code of this framework is available on here

For more information available here.

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