Monday, February 27, 2012

Install & Setup Scala 2.9.1 on Ubuntu 11.10

To install Scala 2.9.1, we need Scala distribution, so you can get you're operating system release from here.

Follow these steps to install Scala 2.9.1

1. Download 2.9.1 release from this link
$ wget
$ chmod +x

2. Extract downloaded file into /user/local
$ sudo tar -zxvf -C /usr/local/

3. Add Scala installed folder path on .bashrc(/home/username/.bashrc) file

$ sudo vim /home/username/.bashrc
Add below line at the end of the file

export SCALA_HOME='/usr/local/';

4 . Run Scala console

$ Scala

Now Scala 2.9.1 ready to use on you're machine. Hope it may helpful to install and setup Scala 2.9.2.

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