Saturday, March 10, 2012

Open source release - WindowTester Pro

Google announced the open sourcing release of WindowTester Pro. It is a UI test generation tool for testing SWT and Swing Java applications. WindowTester Pro eliminates the need to manually create test cases to test GUIs by automating the process of GUI testing. Using WindowTester Pro, developers can easily create tests for every GUI they create. Automating GUI testing increases the productivity of both the developer and the QA team. WindowTester Pro empowers developers with testing capabilities and reduces the time required to hand-code tests. This enables developers to build quality into the product early in the process because problems are found and resolved earlier in the development cycle. Using WindowTester Pro helps developers and companies drastically lower both testing time and cost—it is not uncommon to save up to 50% or more of time required to write the tests.

The tests generated by WindowTester Pro are standard JUnit tests thus they can be run within your Eclipse environment or they can be automated to run using Ant. Typically, tests are recorded on projects within your Eclipse environment. If your want to test against a deployed application, you must first import your application into your Eclipse environment.

More information about  WindowTester Pro(installation,download,sample) is available here.

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