Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wicket 1.5.6 - Java web development frameworks

Apache Wicket is a component-based framework, which puts it in stark contrast to some of the earlier solutions to the sometimes monotonous task of web programming.

Like other frameworks, Wicket builds on top of Sun's servlet API; however, unlike frameworks like Struts or Spring MVC, the developer using Wicket is mostly removed from the request/response nature that is inherent with the web and Servlets. Instead of building controllers that must service many users and threads simultaneously, taking in requests, returning responses, and never storing any state, the Wicket developer thinks in terms of stateful components. Instead of creating a controller or action class, he or she creates a page, places components on it, and defines how each component reacts to user input.

Latest stable release available here

Here is simple guide line to include Wicket 1.5.6 on you're MAVEN 2 Project. Add following lines on your pom.xml



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