Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Install Tombay on Mac

Tombay is a good note-taking application for Linux.After I have changed to Mac, I was looking for a similar note-taking application. At the end, I installed Tombay on my Mac Mountain Lion/Lion.

Here are the quick steps I have followed to install Tombay.

1. Make sure you have n't installed Mono library. If your system has any previous installation, uninstall it.

2. Download and install Mono. Why we need Mono library? - Since tombay is written in C#, system needs Mono runtime to build and run on mac.

3. Get the latest source code from repository.

git clone git://git.gnome.org/tomboy

4. Build and Open the application. Go to the source code directory(tombay)

$ xbuild Tomboy-mac.sln
$ ./bundle-mac-app.sh
$ open Tomboy.app

After the above step, Tombay application is successfully installed and available on spotslight search. I hope these steps helpful to install Tombay on Mac Mountain Lion/Lion.

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